Saturday, April 7, 2012

Aminah Robinson

For my current Grad class project, we are to create a Webquest.  This is a great opportunity!  As I read through the Ohio Visual Art Standards, I read that we need to spend some time learning about Ohio art and artist. 
As a teacher new to Ohio, this webquest began as a way for me to learn about Ohio Artists.  Our Ohio Visual Arts Standards state that students must learn about these artists, yet I had no basic knowledge of them.  I was raised in Pennsylvania, received my bachelor's degree from a Pennsylvania college then taught art in Tennessee.  I know all about Andy Warhol (from Pennsylvania) and Red Groom (from Tennessee) but I needed to know more about Ohio.

After networking with local art teachers and art museums, I learned that Aminah Robinson is a preeminent artist in the area.  I soon realized that this is someone that my students MUST learn about.  

Mt. Vernon Memory Map by Aminah Robinson

This webquest will take you and your students on a journey to learn about Aminah Robinson, letter making and finally creating an art project inspired by her "Unwritten Love Letters" artwork.


Please Click Here to enjoy my newly created Webquest and to learn more about Aminah Robinson


  1. Hi,

    I read your webquest with great interest. I have been gathering resources and materials about Ohio artist, Charles Burchfield, snd trying to put together a lesson plan about him. Do you know of any art teachers in Ohio who have taught this artist to their students? I'm just throwing a hook into the wind here, hoping that you might be able to help me connect with the right person. I teach K-5 in Southwest Iowa. Thanks for your time!

    :Pat Stevens

  2. Sorry, I do not know of any. This is my first year teaching in Ohio so I'm still making connections. I know that the Columbus Museum of Art Education department was a great resource for me! Search on their website for a contact person. They were great!