Art Shirts

I've been asking all of the students to wear an ART SHIRT to class every week.  Just as a Physical Education teach asks all students to wear gym shoes to PE class, I believe that art shirts are essential for Art Class.

3rd Grade Student wearing an ART SHIRT

· Please have your student wear an art shirt to art class every week.  We WILL get messy.
· An art shirt is:
· an old medium or large size adult t-shirt
· An apron or smock
· Each student must have their own art shirt.  We will NOT share art shirts due to health and sanitation reasons.
Examples of ART SHIRTS

· Please send any EXTRA art shirts for students that do not have one.
  •  My Extra Art Shirt box is currently empty.  Clean out your dressers and closets.  Then send in any gently used T-shirts or button-up shirts that other students may use for Art Class.

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