Tuesday, December 6, 2011


It's weaving time!  Because I travel to 2 different schools, I'm attempting to create lesson plans that contain the same medium.  A few weeks ago was weaving - yarn and paper.
Kindergarten wove a few simple pieces on a Monster

1st Grade is weaving paper strips in an "AB" Pattern

2nd Grade is weaving fabric strips also in an "A B" Pattern.

3rd Grade is Circle Weaving similar to those found in Navajo Weavings.

Mrs. Forney's Circle Weaving

Student Weaving

3rd Grade Student Weaving

3rd Grade Student Circle Weaving with tassles

4th Grade is creating a tapestry weaving from yarn.
4th Grade Tapestry Weaving

Mrs. Forney's Tapestry Weaving

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2nd Grade Community Collage

It all started when a 2nd grade teacher asked if I had any ideas about lessons for community.  After searching through the Crayola website and looking at lessons from the Metro-Nashville Public Schools art curriculum, I decided upon Community Collages.

We started by discussing Philip Evergood's Sunny Side of the Street and Allan Crite's Parade on Hammond Street.
We then discussed the things we see in our Community - police stations, schools, apartments, houses, fire stations, stores, etc.
Students were given a blue piece of paper.  We discussed proper cutting and gluing skills along with proper collage techniques.
The students then created buildings.  They added details such as doors and windows.  Then they began to add additional details such as trees, signs and bushes.  Finally, we used colored pencils to draw people that we would see in a community.  They cut out the people and glued them into their community collage.
Here are some of our final artworks:

 Please take a moment to visit our Communities.  They are on display outside of the art room and the cafeteria.  Enjoy!