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South-Western Council PTA Reflections Program Information

The Reflections Program provides students with the opportunity to create works of art for fun and recognition. Reflections can also serve as an outlet for students to creatively explore what they are learning in the classroom. When children express themselves through words, pictures, music, dance, film, and other art media, they grow intellectually; they learn to analyze their thoughts and feelings. The Reflections Program helps parents encourage the creativity, self-discovery, and lifelong learning of their children. Supporting the PTA Reflections Program is one way you can increase student achievement, foster student talents, and promote the arts.  More details about the National PTA Reflections program can be found at
For more information, Contact Melissa Forney 

Entries will be submitted to local schools for judging and review.
Local schools then submit 50 entries to South-Western City School Council on PTA's for further judging and for the January Art Show.

-  Art show in which all are invited
-  Photography & Visual Arts only; NO Literature, Music, Dance, or Film is displayed at this viewing.

-  District Council will notify all winners by mail.
-  Winners for both Actual Judging and People’s Choice will receive ribbons and recognition

-  Local Unit Reflections Chairpersons working together with Council Reflections chairperson– All PTA Volunteers
-  All SWC Schools are welcome to participate.
- Visual Arts, Photography, Literature, Music, Film & Video, and Dance Choreography
-  60 Entries from all categories will be forwarded onto Ohio PTA after the January Art Show

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